Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Month of May, how great I am, and other observations

Hello animals!

Long time no blog. I hope my tweets have entertained you during my absence. The month of May in Hollywood is the best. Beautiful weather, cheap and delicious tacos and all the smog you could ever want in a city. Since the season finalé of my show (the number one rated television program hosted by an ostrich) I've been hanging around, trying to keep myself grounded, and not let the fame and fortune go to my head. I have a small head. Really the best way I can think of to distract myself from my own greatness is to party like a rock star. Or should I say, party like an ostrich, because ostriches can party all night, baby!*

*With the appropriate amount of bird seed and red bull of course!

Anyhow, right now I'm preparing myself for the party of the century, a bird-themed affair thrown by my executive producers at GymGlish! Those dudes are the best, they've decided to have a party with a bird theme... in fact the party's catch phrase is 'Bird is the Word!'

Check it out:

Ok, I've got to run because I've got to choose a costume. All of your ideas are welcome: leave a comment, post a photo, or e-mail me with your costume ideas!

Peace out party animals!


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